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Eva’s Vienna Sneak Peek



We’d like to introduce you to our friend Eva, one of the marvelous interior designers behind Vienna’s brand-new Max Brown 7th District. She’s going to give us a sneak peek of our splendid new hotel by sharing the story behind some design details. She said the design team took everything that is Max Brown to the next level with this hotel, and we couldn’t agree more. Get a glimpse below.


Carpet: “When the elevator doors open, you get a surprise.”

Wall color:We used this pinkish tone inspired by Austrian artist Franz West. We incorporated it in small details throughout the hotel to unify the many spaces.

Reflective ceiling: “Max Brown is all about the quirky design details, like the corridors’ reflective ceilings.”


Green wall: “We chose this textured green wallpaper because we wanted the whole look and feel to be simple, relaxing and peaceful.”

Room art: All of the hotel’s art is by local artists, and the two featured here are by Deborah Sengl and Drago Persic. You’ll notice their wall placement is really casual; we didn’t want anything to be rigid. They’ll be placed in colourful frames.

Yellow bedspread: “We wanted to add that Max Brown vibrancy, and we didn’t want anything to be too colour-coordinated.”

Bedframe: “The bed frame is 100% recyclable. The colour was specially chosen to match the pink of the corridor.”

Record player/tea kettle: “We added the same details to every room, like the Crosley record player, the tea set and telephone, but they’re different colours in each room. Every room is unique.”

Black shelves: “We didn’t just want to take up space in this city as a hotel, we wanted to work with the local community. We sourced this piece from Volta, a furniture shop in the neighbourhood.”


Brick walls: “When we were renovating some of the Ateliers, the hotel’s meeting spaces, we chipped away a bit of the white plasterboard that covered the walls and found this old brick. It’s like a hidden pearl. We decided to leave it exposed in the design.”


“This is a rendering of the mural by Käthe Schönle and Sebastian Schager that will go on the building’s facade.”

See you in Vienna!



Art Consultancy & Curating – Idit Orni

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