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Our Vienna Sleepover Tour


Our Vienna Sleepover Tour

To celebrate the upcoming spring opening of Vienna’s Max Brown 7th District, we had the first-ever Max Brown Sleepover Tour. We hosted our local friends for once-in-a-lifetime sleepovers at extraordinary Vienna spots—with our famous bed, of course.

On our three tour stops, the Clears slept under the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, the ladies of Les Factory Femmes slept in Volkstheater’s historical Red Bar and the band Cari Cari slept on the stage of intimate Ateliertheater.

See all the photos from the tour below, and stay tuned on our Instagram, @MaxBrownHotels, for info about our next Vienna sleepover.

The Clears x The Natural History Museum

The Clears, the fabulous Vienna couple, slept at Vienna’s incredible Natural History Museum in Dinosaur Hall. As you can see from the photos, they had some interesting flatmates (they named one Herbert). During their sleepover, they got a private tour of the museum, dinner from the nearby La Pausa and breakfast from Wolfgang Coffee.

Les Factory Femmes x Volkstheater

The best friends of Les Factory Femmes slept in the historical Red Bar of Vienna’s Volkstheater. During their sleepover, they got a surprise performance from Arnela Graf, got a private backstage tour and watched the play Don Karlos. Miznon delivered dinner and Wolfgang Coffee delivered breakfast.

Cari Cari x Ateliertheater

Stephi and Alex from the Vienna-based band Cari Cari stayed at Ateliertheater, a small theater that hosts art exhibitions and non-commercial plays. During their sleepover, they had dinner from Miznon, jammed in bed, watched a movie with a friend and had breakfast from Wolfgang Coffee in bed.

See you in Vienna this spring!

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