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Check-in: Martin Finnland


Check-in: Martin Finnland

In the real world, the Max Brown of our hotels isn’t a real person, but in the world of the experiential play “All About…” that was performed the other night at Max Brown 7th District, Max Brown is the host of a dinner party who has gone missing. Over the course of the play, his party guests travel through the hotel as they piece together where Max went, and the audience follows along for the ride. It was a magical, one-of-a-kind Vienna night, and we all left with the play’s inspiring message about the beauty of friendship and adventure. We chatted with the play’s creator, Martin Finnland of Stadtabenteuer, to learn all about his creative process.

See all the photos from the night here.

You’re not only writing the plays, but also acting yourself, right?
I try to act at least once a year. I think it’s really important to experience yourself within the scope of a play and to see the reactions of the audience, to experience the play from all point of views.

With your plays, you bring people together for unique experiences. Is that what draws you to your job?
Absolutely. I love the social component of Stadtabenteur. In German, we have the saying “Durch’s Reden kommen die Leute zusammen,“ which means “talking brings people together.“ It was one of our main mottos for “All About…”, but we also live that in real life, so it made [this play] quite natural and easy for us.

What is it about experiential theatre that specifically attracts you?
Immersive theatre is a really fascinating art of [emotionally moving] people. We’re not used to being moved anymore. We all spent the last 10 years on the World Wide Web, we’re fit when it comes to social media, but [we struggle] when it comes to interacting with real people anymore, being confronted with situations where you need to actually listen to yourself and feel your own boundaries again.

How do you see Vienna in a creative sense on an international level? How open are Viennese people to interactive plays like “All About…”
I went on a bike journey around the world for an entire year, and when I came home, I knew that the city I like the most is Vienna. The quality of living is incomparable. That we are always a little behind on a creative level, that might be true. But I believe that creativity also grows out of grievance. Vienna is quite open to trends, and when it comes to projects like Stadtabenteur, an immersive theatre, Vienna is quite upfront.

About Stadtabenteuer
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