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Welcoming Stooker Coffee



Meet our newest friend, Amsterdam’s Stooker Coffee.

Here at Max Brown, we pride ourselves on offering the basics at their absolute best, including the freshest cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up for your adventures ahead. That’s why Amsterdam’s Max Brown Canal District now only serves Stooker Coffee, an Amsterdam-based roasting company that takes pride in creating a perfect cup of joe.

Stooker was founded by Dutchies Onno van Zanten and Florian Hessel, who think of themselves as craftsmen and researchers more than businessmen. They source their green beans from all over the world via specialized importing companies that have the farmer’s best interests in mind. Stooker pays about 45% above the Fair-Trade rate to ensure coffee farmers are properly rewarded for their high-quality beans. And when it comes to roasting, Stooker has perfected a special technique that brings out the beans’ best flavours, ranging from chocolatey to fruity.

Their passion for quality throughout their sourcing and roasting process shows—Stooker makes the best cup of coffee in Amsterdam. Now when you stay at Max Brown Canal District, you’ll know all about your morning cup.

See you at Max Brown!

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