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Seems like Vienna knows how to produce masterminds with some past locals like Mozart, Beethoven and Freud. Let’s make you one of them with our insider tips. Take a walk on the Donauinsel, go to the opera or wine and dine. Vienna will leave you inspired.




A small café with a French air and an Asian twist. Weather you decide to have breakfast, an espresso at the counter or drinks in the evening, Sous Bois is just that type of place—a go-to at any time of the day. And while you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by the stationary boutique just next door. You’ll find the perfect little souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones in there.


A one-of-a-kind museum in Europe. The Fälschermuseum is filled with faked and forged artworks from world-famous forgers. Even if you’re not into art, you’ll find a ton of entertaining stories in this museum.


Kahlenberg, nestled in the Vienna woods, stands as a top choice for city dwellers seeking scenic getaways. Its main attraction is the breathtaking view it offers; on clear days, visitors can behold the entire city from above, along with Schneeberg, the source of Vienna’s mountain spring water. Head up for some amazing views.


A well-loved and always buzzing spot in Vienna, Der Wiener Deewan is the city’s first ‘pay as you wish’ Pakistani buffet restaurant, meaning the bill at the end is totally up to you. Very popular with Viennese students, it’s an experimental place for food and art that also hosts readings and small concerts from time to time.


You know we’re vinyl lovers and so are you probably. In this case, you don’t even have to leave the district of Neubau to get a wonderful selection of amazing old and new records. “Schallter” in Westbahnstraße has your back. Picture by @geschaefte_in_wien


If you’re into art as much as we are and you prefer various different art forms, aside from the more commercial exhibitions, Q21 at Museums Quartier is the museum, or should we call it space, you have to check out. Over the course of a year, around 40 international artists are invited to showcase their works. It’s a wonderful and exciting place to get some food for thought.


This 20-kilometer-long, narrow island in between the Danube and the New Danube is great for outdoor activities. It’s a green island within the big city perfect for a walk, picnic or even a swim in the swimmer’s authobahn.


The Schönbrunn Palace Gardens opened to the public somewhere around 1779, and have been a popular recreational and relaxation spot for the people of Vienna ever since. They’re a definite must-see for park people, or anyone needing a dose of green tranquility between exploring the city’s sprawling streets.


Vienna’s “Wiener Stadtwanderwege” are scenic city hiking trails on the outskirts where you’ll find vineyards and forests along the way. These trails offer diverse perspectives of Vienna, featuring elevated viewpoints, Vienna woods, grapevine-lined fields, old lanes, and riverside views. There are more than ten trails around the city, which are accessible by public transport, each offering a unique experience. For the best views, consider Trails 1, 1a, and 4, while wine enthusiasts should explore Trails 1 and 5.



cafe hawelka vienna city guides max brown hotels

“What would Vienna be without the Hawelka? What would the Hawelka be without his guests?” Café Hawelka’s history goes back to 1936 and in the ’50s it became the place to be for authors, poets and those who loved to listen to them. Hawelka is rich with culture, has a mysterious touch to it and is the best place to eat “Buchteln mit Vanillesauce”. You didn’t experience Vienna without visiting Café Hawelka.

hunderwasserheus vienna city guides max brown hotels

Located in the 3rd District, this apartment building was designed by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (who is essentially the Gaudì of Vienna). It’s an absolute eye-catcher you shoudn’t miss on your strolls of the city.

uber den dash vienna city guides max brown hotels

Walking on the roof of Vienna’s Natural History Museum sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. It’s now happening four times a week. Enjoy an exceptional view from one of our absolute favorite museums in town.


If you’re as fascinated by street art and murals as we are, get the online map Street Art Guide Vienna before starting your city stroll. It’ll show you where over 100 murals by local and international artists are located all around the city. If you integrate this into your sightseeing tour and add a walk along the Donaukanal, you’ll get the full Vienna street art experience.


Our new city has one really sweet cultural institution: the coffee house. The famous Viennese coffee house culture is not only known for celebrating a good cup of coffee, but also enjoying wiener melange while reading the newspaper. You’ll also find traditional pastries like apfelstrudel and sachertorte. For those who like it really rich, go for the kardinalschnitte. To experience a classic coffee house, go to Café Sperl in the 6th District.


Secession was an Austrian art movement that was started in the late 19th century by a rebellious group of artists, namely Gustav Klimt. They exhibited their works in their iconic Succession Building, and it still exhibits experimental contemporary art today. It’s the world’s oldest independent exhibition institution, and the architecture alone is worth the visit. We recommend you sit on the stairs out front and watch Vienna go by.


This one is for all the modern art lovers. Get a look at art history of the last 80 years. The collection has 60,000 works from 5,000 artists. The museum is located in the beautiful Künstlerhaus.


Vienna’s largest and most prestigious cemetery, the Zentral Friedhof, often ranks high on travelers’ must-visit lists. Its impressive architecture, abundant greenery, and the graves of celebrated musicians like Beethoven, Schubert, and Strauss make it a compelling attraction. Additionally, the Memorial Church can be found within the cemetery grounds.


The Third Man Tour offers a unique journey into the world of the classic film “The Third Man”. Descending seven meters below ground, visitors learn about Vienna’s sewer system and its operations. Equipped with a safety helmet and a headlamp, you’ll explore Vienna’s underground. Guided by the original spiral staircase featured in the film, you’ll venture into one of Vienna’s oldest sewer sections. These “cholera sewers”, constructed in the 1830s, run alongside the River Wien on both sides and have retained their historic character to this day.




Seven North, founded by world-renowned Chef Eyal Shani, is based in Max Brown 7th District. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean, French, German, and Italian cuisines, the Seven North team creates inventive culinary creations that are meant to be shared. With an open-plan kitchen, guests are invited to join in the eclectic atmosphere as the team whips up some of their best dishes. The menu changes daily based on seasonal ingredients from local farmers and suppliers.


Bringing the best of Mediterranean cuisine to Vienna’s Neubau district, Toma Tu Tiempo is a laid-back, day-to-night eatery and the perfect place for tapas with friends. Sprawl out on beanbag cushions by day in the summertime, or get cosy by the candlelit fireside on chillier nights.


An Italian coffee shop, whilst having a Viennese-styled interior and design. The atmosphere is great and the team always provides excellent service. From antipasti and paninis to Italian breakfast and coffee specialties, Casolara Bros got you covered.


Nestled within Vienna’s historic 1st District, you’ll find Alles Wurscht, arguably Vienna’s best sausage stand. Yet, this is no ordinary sausage stand: this sausage kiosk is the project of fine dining chef Sebastian Neuschler. The offering features beautifully presented sausages, truffle fries, fried calamari and hand-cut beef tartare which are carefully selected from reliable and local producers. A must-try when you’re in Vienna!

ramasuri vienna city guides max brown hotels

Want to enjoy delicious, fluffy blueberry pancakes while enjoying one of Vienna’s cultural hotspots? Look no further. Ramasuri is a local, cute restaurant located in Vienna’s second district. Here, you can indulge breakfast, lunch and dinner or even a late-night drink with friends. In summer, it has a little terrace with a view onto the statue the famous Austrian actor and opera singer Johann Nestroy.

naschmarkt vienna city guides max brown hotels

The Viennese Naschmarkt is the epitome of a relaxed big city market. With its variety of restaurants, from Italian to Mediterranean, every hunger will be satisfied here and you’re spoiled for choice. Make yourself comfortable or stroll through the countless take-away market stalls. Spring tip: there’s less activity during the week, so you can enjoy the vibe even better. People-watching, tasting and enjoying life is the program here on sunny spring days. Picture by @kiteatsleepshop


Meinklang, a pioneering natural winery in Burgenland, opened a restaurant in Vienna’s 5th District in 2022. They run an integrated agricultural farm, raising cattle, pigs, and chickens, and growing their own crops. Nearly everything served in the restaurant comes directly from their Demeter-certified biodynamic farm, including wines, sausages, eggs, meats, fresh and pickled veggies, and a variety of sourdough bread and pastries from their on-site bakery.


This authentic little Austrian sandwich shop is the place to go for some real and undisputed leberkäse—the traditional Austrian sandwich with beef and pork. It’s only a minute away from the Opera House, so you’ll get a perfect Vienna experience. Open until 02:00 am.


C.O.P., standing for “Collection of Produce”, is a sophisticated yet laid-back dining spot nestled in the heart of Vienna’s city center, specifically in District 1. Embracing a farm-to-table ethos, the restaurant places seasonal ingredients, simplicity, and high-quality produce at the forefront. With an impressive selection of wines and laid-back service, C.O.P. provides a delightful dining experience. C.O.P. is part of Nenini, an international restaurant group based in Vienna.




Dariadeh emerged from a quest for sustainable alternatives to the fast fashion industry. This brand embodies the spirit of “giving back: by contributing 50 cents to charity for each order received. Dariadeh’s commitment extends to its production practices, with most items crafted in Portugal, Serbia, and Turkey – mostly in small, family-owned factories. The majority of their products are vegan, and any leftover fabrics and textile scraps are thoughtfully repurposed in various projects.


If you love vintage as much as we do, make sure Bootik 54 is on your list. Here you’ll find amazing European and American secondhand vintage, bags, accessories and much more.


The Moby Dick is Vienna’s most sustainable bar with a no-waste concept. Upcycling, low waste and waste avoidance describe their bar concept. Just like their motto, it’s about no waste, just taste.


Ährnst is an organic and small-batch bakery in Vienna. They offer a delightful selection of freshly baked goods, including a wide selection of croissants, pains au chocolat, and more. The quality of their croissants and pastries is so good that it almost feels like being in a traditional French bakery.

too good to go vienna city guides max brown hotels

If you also can’t stand the fact that we’re throwing away way too much food on a daily basis, Too Good To Go is what you have to try when you’re in town. It’s an app that offers special deals at a lot of restaurants around the city. Instead of throwing food away, those restaurants offer you special deals for what is left.


If you feel the urge to charge your batteries and let it all out during your stay in Vienna, there’s no better place to do so than in Verena’s “Mindful Body” class at Body Concept. It’s a wonderful combination of yoga and toning. We’re hooked.


Just a few steps away from busy Mariahilfer Straße, you’ll find a small yet versatile shop, which will make you want to move in instantly. Among a lot of sustainable kitchen and bathroom wear, Raumkomplett also got some beautiful furniture pieces, as well as little “Mitbringsel” to make your loved ones smile.


Next to the great service, this restaurant’s vegan burgers are incredible. Their wall says, “Fantastic without plastic” because their tableware is completely CO2 neutral and biodegradable. Now, this is a place where you want to spend your money!


Don’t miss Ausnahmsweise, the little vegan café located in Mariahilf, the district adjacent to the 7th District. The name means “treat yourself” or “just this one time,” and whether or not you’re vegan, we’re sure one time won’t be your last—Raphaela’s homemade cakes, cookies and lunch dishes will make you want more and more.




For the perfect restaurant balance of ‘treat yourself’ and ‘keep it casual’, head to this spot in the middle of the Vienna’s dynamic 2nd District. Enjoy their share plates and one-of-a-kind cocktails in the idyllic garden oasis during the summer months, and in the magical indoor winter garden the rest of the year.


Don’t miss a meal at one of Vienna’s coolest spots to dine in this iconic boat-like building on the Donaucanal. Open all day with a great menu of local and global dishes, it’s the perfect spot to take in canal views with cosmopolitan locals and other visitors alike.


Kitsch Bitch & Sight Store, a female-founded brand hailing from Vienna, is a concept store known for its vibrant and high-quality fashion, accessories, and interior pieces. With two adjacent locations in Vienna, Kitsch Bitch initially launched with fun t-shirts, exclusively available at pop-ups events, and has then expanded its collection. Sight Store offers a combination of contemporary international designers and local fashion brands. The two brands joined forces in 2019 to create a dynamic partnership.


Katie g. Jewellery draws inspiration from nature’s captivating irregularity, enriched by Vienna’s expansive mountains. Katie’s classical precision training in Vienna shaped her, but she embraced imperfection, defining the brand. She manages the brand together with her husband: Katie focuses on design and production whilst her husband oversees operations. Visit their Vienna Atelier to discover jewelry that aligns with your unique style, whether it’s for an engagement, a wedding, or customized pieces. Don’t forget to schedule a non-binding and free appointment via their website.

mühlbauer vienna city guides max brown hotels

Want to feel fancy and wear the same hats as Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Madonna and Yoko Ono? Then you can’t leave Vienna without checking out Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur. It’s a family-run business that’s been around since 1903, and they design the most beautiful hats.

mottovienna vienna city guides max brown hotels

THELL is kind of an institution. Located in the heart of the 5th district, THELL is our go-to when it comes to having a nice but still easy-going dinner with friends, especially if you enjoy eating late. On the weekends, you can get their distinctive Strawberry & Nougat until the early morning hours. If you’re trying to cut out sugar in 2020, this definitely has Cheat Day potential.


This super traditional Austrian restaurant was founded over 400 years ago, and it’s been crowded ever since. Sit down on the terrace, people-watch, and eat one of their famous sandwiches. This one’s a definite must for anyone who loves Schnitzel, history or people-watching. In the same spot since 1618 (yes, you read that right), this Austrian institution is best known for its menu of Viennese classics, Art Nouveau ambiance and featured artists. Post up on the terrace with a drink and watch the world go by.


We’ve never heard a bad thing about Mochi. This modern Japanese restaurant has great staff, super fresh ingredients and an amazing vibe. The staff is extremely passionate about what they do, and it takes your dining experience to a whole new level.


In the city that brought us Mozart and Strauss, a musical activity is a must. If you want to steer clear of the overpaid and overcrowded venues like Musikverein and the Wiener Staatsoper, see a show at the less touristy Volksoper. The tickets are reasonably priced and the operas are fantastic.




Perfect for escaping the city hustle and bustle, but still close enough for a spontaneous nature experience for you and your pup.

Hundezone Floridsdofer Brucke/Nordbrucke

Enjoy romantic skyline-sundowners next to the danube waterside together with your four-legged friend.

Coffee Pirates Vienna

Here pups are as welcome as really good coffee creations and homemade refreshments.


If breakfast or dinner, at Vivet you’ll definitely enjoy your meal while having your four-legged travel buddy by your side.

Rent a boat and take a swim at Alte Donau

Visit Alte Donau with your pup, only a short ride away from the city center. On the Alte Donau, there is a large dog zone next to the Angelika, which even has a drinking fountain and training equipment. While you’re at it, rent a boat, take a swim and cool off together. It’s the best.


Very close by too, Ulrich is a great place to enjoy your lunch with your furry friend, in the middle of Vienna’s 7th District.


If shopping is a must during your trip, don’t forget about your best friend. Dogstyler has your little furry-friend’s back.


Treats, accessories, or even dog ice cream–Charly’s is your dog’s little paradise, not far away from the hotel.


A concept store for dogs? Yes! At Vreda’s Deco & Dog concept store you’ll definitely find more than you really need for your furry best friend and yourself.

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